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Edge FM is not currently accepting requests at this time and all tracks will appear as locked. Please try again on one of our future programmes, for example our programme advertised as 'Online requests accepted' or if the presenter announces the feature is turned on.


Simply search our database of 5000+ tracks and provide your name and your request will be added.

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Internet radio with a difference!

High quality music and streaming without compromise as you can always expect from Edge FM, with the added extra of being able to request the music you want to hear with our online request system, choose from many great artists and hear them played.

You can even add you're name to the request to display on site when you're song is played.

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6274 songs on Edge FM

An extensive music library

With 6274 songs to choose from we are sure you'll find something you like on Edge FM. Keep checking as we are constantly updating our song list.

Did you know?

Edge FM has access to the same master copy library as the big radio stations, so we always have new, fresh high quality tracks on air.